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Dematerialization issues


  • Reduce delays and costs,
  • Control and guarantee information conformity and traceability,
  • Respect legal constraints,
  • Mobilize ressources on more important tasks,
  • Protect the company against loss or theft of information.
enjeux et avantages dématérialisation


  • Time saving, gain of productivity and space.
  • Constant access to your document (smartphone & tablet responsivity)
  • Confidentiality of document flows
  • Documents exchange & share between collaborators,
  • Access right’s control (by the admin),
  • Better administrative & commercial management
  • Contracts management automation for example (renewal …)

Reduction of publishing and distribution costs

Improvement of documents management

Shortening of data processing and response time

Decrease of paper, and improvement of carbon footprint

Permanent secure access to electronic records