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This form is intended for our sales team. For all commercial requests from existing customers, please use the phone number: 01 34 20 10 30 or use Ticketing for your technical requests.

Benefits of EDC EMAIL ONLY

EDC email only is the perfect solution for secure electronic mailing with reception proof.

Identification with the recipient email address.
IP address is registered for each download (place & time),
An acknowledgment of receipt is sent when the document is downloaded,
Transmitter can email a second notification, without attaching the document.

EMAIL ONLY, a total confidentiality

  • Only the transmitter & the recipient are aware of the document and have access to it,
  • The document isn’t carried in the email (not an attachment file),
  • Each access or consultation to the document is registered and tracked (admins, transmitter, recipient)
  • You can choose to archive or destroy the document right after downloading it.
edc email only