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Benefits of EMAIL PW-SECURE Solution

EMAIL PW SECURE is a secure and confidential email transmission solution with acknowledgment of receipt

PW-SECURE: Secure and confidential emails

Email PW-Secure functional scope: Secure, communicate, Track & Archive with protection

  • With Email PW-SECURE, the recipient receives an email with an HTTPS link.
  • After secure HTTPS download and entering PASSWORD, the document is displayed on the screen of the recipient’s PC.
  • An acknoledgment of receipt and download traceability are returned to the sender.
  • The document can be archived.

Email PW-Secure

All documents are concerned by Email PW-SECURE: Medical analyzes, leases, orders, confidential contracts, payroll, bank statements, etc.

When using PW-Secure email, the sender adds the PASSWORD to the PDF file to be transmitted, when the document is created. The received PDF can only be opened and read by the recipient, by enterint the PASSWORD provided by the sender, face to face, or via the other media.

password pw secure


EMAIL PW-Secure, a total confidentiality

Advantages & privacy of Email PW-Secure

Advantages of Email PW-Secure solution:

  • Identification by the recipient’s email address.
  • HTTPS transmission for sender and receiver.
  • Control of the download location by capturing the IP address.
  • Guarantee of acknowledgment of receipt of the document download.
  • Relaunch of a notification email by the sender, without resending the document.

Confidentiality of Email PW-Secure:

  • After downloading, the document can only be read by the owner of the password.
  • The document is not shipped with the email.
  • The document can be archived or destroyed immediately after uploading.
  • Transmission and download traces are kept on demand (1, 10, 50 years…).