Optimize your processes

A shared platform to optimize the exchange between your clients, collaborators & yourself.

1OO% secure documents!

Guarantees fully secure exchanges to keep your work confidential.

Save money!

Important savings, by suppressing paper you greatly reduce postal charges & paper cost.

EDC EXPERT Functioning


EDC EXPERT allows a simple optimization of your process thanks to dematerialization.

Real time exchange with your customers & collaborators, in a secure way.

Choose your transmission mode

♦ Via a programmed scanner, which will send directly your documents on the platform.

♦ Automatically

♦ Manually to

Conformity & integrity of documents

EDC timestamps, stamps & archives your documents to ensure their conformity & security. These documents get a probative legal value.


Real time exchanges

This unique shared platform permits to send & receive documents. This function has originally been created for accountants to solve their business constraints.


R.O.I the first year

Productivity gain

Accountants will dematerialize in 2017