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Dematerialization of invoices, payslips, contracts

Definition of dematerialization

Dematerialization: Any techniques aiming at suppressing paper, for electronic format.

Dematerialization should be from source to target, the electronic document (Native PDF, XML, IDE) is directly sent and no paper format is used nor needed.

It should permit a secure access to a unique version of the document & track users, so that it guarantees integrity.

Scanning a document is also part of dematerialization but the original paper can be removed in accordance with the requirements of Z42-026.

Key to success

Before starting, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What documents do you want to dematerialize?
  • How are these documents currently processed? Through an internal or external application? Manually? Through automatic printing, an accounting solution or an ERP?
  • Is there a specific legal framework to respect?
  • What is the most appropriate solution for my project?

Any dematerialization project must be deeply studied before starting anything. We need to perfectly understand your processes & your work habits to propose you a 100 % customized offer, optimized for your needs & goals, to be reached quickly.

Les clefs de la réussite