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Legal electronic archiving

An electronic archiving with probative value needs a structured approach.

External or internal, the implementation of an electronic archiving system requires an archiving policy.

To archive or to get a safe deposit box with probative legal value, PDF documents, once time-stamped, signed and sent, are managed by a trusted third party. This authority respects Z42-013 norm and is ISO 27001 & 14001 certified, part of FNTC TA with a special certification on Public archives & Medical Documents.

A storage service is also available, for big volumes or for instance, to create a personal safe deposit box for an employee (payslips).

Archiving period

EDM (Electronic Document Management) is integrated with EDC for you to search among your archived documents using 5 to 10 criteria of your choice.

Archiving duration may vary depending on the document type :

  • 5 years for payslips (French law)
  • 10 years for invoices (French law).