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DPII Telecom & Services appears in numerous press articles.

How Ergalis economizes 100K€ per year thanks to payslips’ dematerialization.

GENEDI INVOICE MANAGEMENT – A new solution to dematerialize invoices

The newest and most complete solution from DPii Telecom & Services and AGENA3000 for invoices management.

Legislation & dematerialization – What you need to know for 2016-2017

Pierre PATUEL, co-Founder of DPII Telecom & Services, reviews major legal changes concerning dematerialization.

Numeric certified copy is coming next Spring!

Submitted to public inquiry, the “Certified copy” NF Z 42-026 norm about dematerialization of documents, might be published next spring.

Dematerialization: Major concerns & key points concerning incoming legal changes.

Alban VERCHERE, Numeric activity development manager at LOCARCHIVES and Pierre PATUEL co-founder of DPII.